RUTHMANN Hoogwerker programma-overzicht

RUTHMANN TB 270 Hybrid

State-of-the-art hybrid drive Technology in the RUTHMANN World

Emission-free, virtually silent, flexible and very powerful – these are the hallmarks of RUTHMANNs Hybrid model, the TB 270 Hybrid.
With this hoogwerker version RUTHMANN is responding to the growing market demand for truck-mounted aerial work platforms with alternative (emission-free) drive types.

Almost silent as well as CO2 and emission-free the TB 270 Hybrid can be operated at the place of application. In this way, it is possible to carry out work assignments in inner cities, pedestrian zones or residential areas in a time uncritical way, e.g. early in the morning or evening, without disturbing passersby and local residents. Furthermore, emission-free operations in closed halls represent no Problem at all. In addition to the features mentioned above, the hybrid version also scores highly with the TB 270’s unchanged good performance characteristics, i.e. a working height of 27 m, a lateral reach of 16.4 m and a top basket load capacity of 230 kg. All of which makes the TB 270 Hybrid the perfect environmentally-friendly tool for a wide range of manual applications, such as painting and building cleaning, installation or tree cutting works.

And this is how it works: An additional lithium battery system is installed alongside the chassis combustion engine. Optionally, the control technology can ensure an automatic switchover between the battery and the combustion engine, without any loss in performance or speed while in the battery mode.

In order to compensate for the weight of the battery pack, the TB 270 Hybrid is installed on a 3.5 t Mercedes Sprinter chassis with GRP-RA Suspension (=leaf springs made of glass fibre reinforced plastic) and a 45-litre tank. In addition, the passenger seat has been removed. Should the customer require a chassis with a greater vehicle load capacity or a passenger seat, it is of course possible to use the 5 ton class Mercedes Sprinter chassis for the Installation.

Whether our new power models are mounted on a 3.5 t chassis or one from the 5 ton class as an HV 5 version, we offer a true hybrid drive for RUTHMANNs models. Optionally, the latter can be charged while driving and powered via a cable connection or using the battery’s capacity during the TB 270 hybrid Operation.

The conversation of resources, the lowering of pollution levels, these are values we have championed for many years. To achieve its targets the Company has even created a separate logo with the Motto: „orange is the new green“. It signals to other market players that we combine products that simultaneously feature our well-known performance, i.e. the orange, and aspects of environmental friendliness, i.e. the green.

27,00 m
25,00 m
Zijdelings bereik:
16,40 m (depending on load, angle of rotation and outfit)
Werkgondel oppervlak:
1,40 x 0,70 m
Werkgondel draagvermogen:
230 kg
Toegestane scheefstand:
5° (with restriction of Performance data)
3.500 kg
Transportlengte ≥:
6,86 m
Doorijhoogte ≥:
2,99 m
Wielbasis chassis ≥:
3665 mm
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